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The Story

We are a group of experienced and talented designers who work with passion and have the ultimate urge to create something unique for all our clients that they would love from their heart. We at 180 Design Studio provide all sorts of interior designing services be it kitchens, bedrooms, stores, offices or salons. We start working after properly analyzing the needs of our clients, safety, aesthetics, materials and budget. Followed by this, we come up with brainstorming revamping ideas that can turn your place into a completely new place.

Mohammad Al-Hashimi

Mohammad Al-Hashimi

Design Director

Mohammad has a bachelor degree in Interior Design from The University of Yarmouk-Jordan. He has started his career in the interior design industry immediately to increase his experience in design & implementation, working for several leading engineering companies and offices. He also has designed and implemented several residential and commercial projects while working as freelance designer. Mohammad always pursues new challenges in design and learns many new things from every project and every customer.

Who we are?

We are a group of designers who work with a passion for designing and creating something new for the clients.

What we do?

Our goal is to leave a professional and elegant touch to your living place or workplace that can make them look much more happening than before.

Why we do it?

We do all of these stuff because we love designing. We love to create something that can result in a memorable experience at an affordable rate.