At 180 Design Studio we work with all the experience, knowledge along with a network of all the professionals. Therefore, providing you with the best design for your workplace or home.

Commercial Design

Whether your workplace is small or medium-sized, we know it very well to get the most out of the spaces. We work with a proper focus on the importance of displaying all the items properly. We design the interior interface: which includes the interior space and shop fronts and also choose or manufacture the furniture type that will suit the type of your business.

Residential design

Home  is the place where you relax after a long and tiring day. Give life to your home by redesigning each and every corner. 180 Design Studio will bring life to your space by planning the spaces creatively to transform your home into a more pleasant and comfortable place.

Interior Consulting

We can help you at by providing you with the design ideas, solutions and also the design layout for your place. In addition, we provide you with various sources from where you can get affordable stuff for your home and office. In short, we provide all our services at an affordable rate.

professional Services

We aim at providing clients with the best professional services at the lowest cost. therefore we saving the additional costs by consulting clients online or at our office except for those projects that need site visit.

Integrated Solutions

You can have an integrated experience as we work according to your requirements. Consequently we can provide you with everything, starting from designing to ending with proper implementation.

Be sure before execution!

We provide our clients with a 3D model drawn on the computer of their projects that features the construction ideas, furniture and decoration for a clear visualization of the final product. Therefore it can help you in taking the right decision.